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Lextutor Analysis

just visit the link if you want to see my Vocabulary Analysis

WEB VP OUTPUT FOR FILE: Polemic in Papua
Words recategorized by user as 1k items (proper nouns etc): NONE (total 0 tokens)
   Families Types Tokens Percent
K1 Words (1-1000): 139 153 337 81.01%
  Function: ... ... (187) (44.95%)
  Content: ... ... (150) (36.06%)
>   Anglo-Sax      
=Not Greco-Lat/Fr Cog:
... ... (61) (14.66%)
K2 Words (1001-2000): 17 19 24 5.77%
>   Anglo-Sax:      ... ... (3) (0.72%)
... ... (86.78%)
AWL Words (academic): 20 21 29 6.97%
>   Anglo-Sax:      ... ... (1) (0.24%)
Off-List Words: ? 17 26 6.25%
  176+? 210 416 100%
Words in text (tokens): 416 Different words (types): 210 Type-token ratio: 0.50 Tokens per type: 1.98 Lex density (content words/total) 0.55

Pertaining to onlist only Tokens: 390 Types: 193 Families: 176 Tokens per family: 2.22 Types per family: 1.10 Anglo-Sax Index:
(A-Sax tokens + functors / onlist tokens) 64.62% Greco-Lat/Fr-Cognate Index: (Inverse of above) 35.38%

After analyzing and commenting on your writing analysis result, please answer the following questions:
A. Have you analyzed / conducted the same activity before? If yes, in what subject?, if not, why? 
no i have not do it before because i got this in call material in a few days ago

B. What is your opinion about the analyzing vocabulary levels through
that's good i think because this program help us to analyzed our writing skills

C. What do you think about your vocabulary levels after analyzing them through
as far as i know there so much about my K1 words and i should learn more and more

D. In what course do you need to improve your writing and academic vocabulary?
in academic writing course

E. Are you familiar with the vocabulary levels given in
no. i'm not

F. Have you learnt about those vocabulary levels?
no. i never learn it before

G. Is academic vocabulary important for you as a university student? if yes, what for?, if not, why?
yes. it is important as a learning media to repair the common mistakes in academic vocabulary students

H. Do you think that this analyzing activity is useful to support your learning, especially in writing? 

I. In what course/learning material do you think should be suggested to improve your writing ability and high vocabulary level quality?
CALL course

J. Do you think that ICT/CALL/internet utilization is useful? Why? And in what manner? 

K. What is your impressions and suggestions of CALL subjects and activities? 
this courses should be apllied in a spesific course especially in writing academic courses

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