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Typer Shark

Typer Shark Deluxe is one of the interesting method of learning is learning while playing. With this method we will be more relaxed mind in learning. Because we do not feel "burdened" with the word learning. First, many of which assume that learning is boring and not fun. But now is different. Lots of learning methods that are packed in a session. One of them learned to type 10 fingers.

The first time I learned to type ten fingers seemed very boring. Because the only method of learning to type using a typewriter and a sheet of paper that must be re-typed by typing using 10 fingers. Because I am a moody type of person, then learn to type ten fingers did not last long. After nearly a month, akhrinya I returned to old patterns, typing with 11 fingers alias using the index finger only.

Ten-finger typing

Once you have a computer, I was determined to learn to type ten fingers. However, I want to use way of learning a fun and not boring. One friend even suggested using Typer Shark Deluxe, a game application made by PopCap Games. In this game we have two modes, namely Tutorial Typing (Typing Tutor) and Typing Games (adventure and abyss). If you want to learn and use to measure the ability to type typing tutor mode, but if you want to direct learning can simply select the game Typing (if I directly select a game aja). In this game we have to shoot fish predators like sharks in order not to approach us by typing the words in the body of the fish. The more rapid and accurate typing us, the more predatory fish that can be destroyed. Due to a strong desire to learn to type ten fingers, then I try to discipline by using 10 instead of 11 fingers. With Typer Shark Deluxe, I linger at home playing it. While the first is still stammering over time I could more quickly. As a result, indirectly, the ability to type 10 can be further honed my fingers.

One of the advantages we can ten-finger typing is the process of typing so much faster. 11 finger typing as fast as any you still lose quickly by typing 10 fingers. Due to the ten fingers of each finger is there of their respective duties. Believe me, I've never prove it. Besides that, we can chat on yahoo messenger with faster and more fun, especially if your opponent quickly chat reply

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